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Beware the Social Security 'Tax Torpedo'

The combination of different income types in retirement can create some really ugly distortions in tax rates.

ETFs Are More Tax-Efficient Than Mutual Funds. Here's Why.

Outflows tend to hurt open-end mutual funds’ tax efficiency, while ETFs tend to be resilient.

10 Least Tax-Friendly States: 2019

Kiplinger compared the states using a formula that accounts for income, property, sales and fuel taxes.

Tax Planning Strategies

Avoiding Roth IRA Conversion Tax Traps

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Opportunity Zones Under Fire in Congress

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Tax Reform

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Top 10 Estate Planning Tax Facts for 2019

Tax Reform Ruined Roth IRA Conversions, but Hope Exists

Tax Law Alters Advisor-Client Conversations About Charitable Giving

Hit by Natural Disaster? Tax Reform Tangles Tax Relief


IRS Updates

IRS, Treasury Clarify QBI Tax Deduction

Fee-Based Annuities Get IRS Nod

IRS Ruling on Uncashed Retirement Distribution Checks Leaves Unanswered Questions

Ed Slott: IRS Ruling Could Alter RMD Timing

New IRS Form 1040 to Ask Taxpayers About Cryptocurrency


Tax Loss Harvesting

Taxes and Investing: A Year-Round Concern

3 Tax Moves to Make Before Year-End

Tax Loss Selling May Be Factor in December Market Rout

Bull Market Turns 10: Do You Know Where Your Portfolio Is?

ETF vs. SMA: Which Is Better for Sustainable Investing?



4 Business Growth Strategies Advisors Should Consider

It’s always a goal of advisors to take their business to the next level - but how can that be done organically and successfully?

The Future Ready Firm — Human Capital Strategy: 3 Things You Need To Know About Next Generation Talent

The best firms have the best people and to make that happen, many top firms are hiring and developing talent internally to drive the long-term health, sustainability and value of their businesses.

Inheriting the Inheritors: The Big Wealth Transfer and Tools Needed to Capture It

[On-Demand] Join this complimentary webcast to learn how to start building multi-generational relationships now.