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A Tailored Solution for Your Clients

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According to “Sell More and Work Less” author and sales expert Alan Blume, there are four phases to the sales process: identify, qualify, present and close. Blume explains how to finesse the four phases and master the sales process to achieve greater results. Here we cover one of the tips from his book:

Tip 29: Use the one-tenth of 1 percent sales-price rule or create your own

“Let’s say you’re selling a survey research service costing $10,000. Does the dollar amount represent a small or large investment for your prospects? One way to answer the question is to use the one-tenth of 1 percent rule. I created this metric for many of the solutions I represented over the years and it was both simple and helpful. If your company is trying to sell a $10,000 solution to a prospect that has $1 million in annual revenues, your solution would cost them 1 percent of their revenues. That’s a fairly significant number to them.”

This percentage of revenue might prompt some real soul-searching, Blume explains, and might be too big an obstacle for a prospect to overcome. The same solution pitched to a prospect with $25 million in revenue, however, would mean the purchase would fall well under the one-tenth of 1 percent mark and would likely go down much more easily.

Working backward toward the cost of the solution, Blume says, tailors that solution to a prospect’s individual situation, making a sale far more likely. “Find[ing] a working ratio between the investment for your solution and the target household income”—and presenting your solution to a prospect in those terms—may counter objections based on price before they can take root.

The next time you’re working with a prospect, try this tip or develop your own “rule” and help your client see the cost of your solution in the right light.

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