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5 more ways to perfect your advisor pitch

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Last week I shared five ways to improve your pitch. Here are five more.

1. Why are you better than the rest? Depending on your industry and competitive landscape, you might want to reference what differentiates your business from the rest.

2. Be engaging. Read a prospect’s body language and ask open-ended questions to confirm that your message is being heard.

3. Make an emotional connection. Not all decisions are based on logic alone so be careful not to over talk product and service features in your initial pitch.

4. Why are you involved? Let the prospect know why the product or service you are providing is important to you (e.g., “it is personally rewarding for me to help others.”)

5. The close. Depending on how the pitch is going, end with some sort of call to action to grow a long-lasting relationship. Remember, you don’t ask to get married on the first date.

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