Advisors are well aware of the coming retirement boom, and indicate that they feel pretty confident in their abilities to handle the investment issues that come with retirement. They’re a little less sanguine about their ability to handle non-investment issues like retiree healthcare and living arrangements.

According to Rydex AdvisorBenchmarking’s fall supplemental survey, conducted last November among 333 RIAs, 64% of respondents consider themselves well equipped in the area of wealth retention, but only 48% feel they have adequate knowledge of the healthcare issues facing retirees, while 50% say they’re knowledgeable on retiree living arrangements.

Advisors also indicate that they’re approaching the retirement market proactively–26% of respondents said they were responding to the boomer retirement wave by looking to build strong relationships with the children of their clients, 24% are seeking to become retirement experts by taking educational seminars and courses, and 21% reported they are looking to position themselves as “retirement coaches.”

When it comes to generating income during retirement, systematic withdrawal strategies from a portfolio was the most preferred method (see chart below).