Here's what happened to MIB life application volume for 3 age groups between February 2019 and this past February...

1. Ages 0 to 44

Change: Up 7%

Ages 45 to 59

Change: Up 2.6%

Ages 60 and Older

Change: Up 6.4%

U.S. life insurance application activity increased in February for consumers in all three age groups MIB Group Inc. tracks.

The Braintree, Massachusetts-based group says the overall application activity rate was 5.6% higher last month than in February 2019.


Life insurers use MIB databases to check the information that consumers put in life insurance applications.

MIB bases its life insurance activity index figures on the utilization rates for its own services.

The MIB life activity index increased 2.5%, year-over-year, in January, after increasing just 0.4% in 2019.

For most of the past few years, MIB application activity levels have been strongest for applicants ages 60 and older, and weakest for applicants under age 45.

For a breakdown of the latest MIB application activity figures by age, see the data cards in the slideshow above. (Wiggle your pointer over the first slide to see the slideshow control arrows.)

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