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Technology automates communication with clients, prospects

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Conducting proactive conversations with technology partners during the business planning process should be an integral part of any company’s overall planning strategy going forward. In looking at employee pain points, especially in the areas of customer service and follow up, there will be increased opportunities for companies to use technology to increase efficiency and improve consistency in the services they provide.

If a company waits until they are experiencing “pain,” it’s almost too late to loop in a technology provider to help solve their customer service or employee efficiency problems. Businesses may look to establish clearer outsourcing models with technology partners as more of an extension to their team, rather than look to absorb these responsibilities in the future. Having an outsourced relationship with a technology partner, as an extension of their current team will enable any company to focus on what they do best while at the same time allowing them to remain highly competitive by having the latest technology to employ.

I think that companies can utilize technology to increase communications to both clients and prospects in an automated way, which will alleviate the burden of having employees create emails and other communications. Automating the integration between a CRM system, social media and other systems will allow employees to better focus their efforts on providing a higher level of client service above and beyond simply communicating more basic follow up issues. 

These types of systems take time and focus to create, and businesses need to partner with the right vendors in order to find the most appropriate technology to use for their company. Using technology can make the life of an entrepreneur or business much easier by automating activities that once took hours, and now can be done very effectively in minutes (once the proper setup has been completed). Businesses that embrace the use of technology will run much more efficiently, with less resources and will be more competitive in attracting new clients.

Shifting the mindset from looking at technology as overwhelming to something that enables businesses to evolve and be more efficient and client focused will enable companies to successfully integrate new technology quickly and also manage their employee’s expectations as they implement new changes. 

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