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Don’t disrespect your prospects

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During my sales training workshops, I often discuss the importance of salespeople valuing their time and effort. This is important because many salespeople underestimate their value. Although senior decision-makers may earn a higher salary, sales professionals bring enormous value to their companies. This mindset can backfire, however, and have serious repercussions if salespeople take it too far. 

I recently worked with a sales team. One of its members was chronically late—not just for the training sessions, but also for prospect and client meetings. One client rolled her eyes when she learned this individual was scheduled to meet with her. I won’t deny that our time is valuable, but so is our prospects’.

I once heard a sales rep bemoan the fact that a prospect refused to see him because he was seven minutes late for an appointment. He struggled to see why his brief tardiness had killed his deal. Here’s why: When you show up late, you’re disrespecting the other person. Plus, you cause them to wonder how reliable you’ll be if they actually award you the business.

Respect your prospects. Show up on time—whether you’re communicating face to face or via telephone, Skype, webinar, etc. If you don’t respect them and their valuable time, you’re handing them a reason not to do business with you.