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Advisor CRM Junxure to Be Available in Web Version in 2012

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Junxure, the flagship product from CRM Software, a software development firm based in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., announced Monday that beginning next year it will make its CRM product available on the cloud. Greg Friedman, president of Junxure and a principal at the wealth management firm Private Ocean, wouldn’t divulge exactly when in 2012 that a Web-based version of Junxure will become available, citing “our reputation for underpromising and over-delivering.”

Stressing that the firm, which has 9,000 users for Junxure, is “categorically not abandoning the desktop,” and that “we’ll continue to develop both [versions] aggressively,” Friedman (left) said the move to the cloud fits squarely within the 10-year-old firm’s core strategy of providing “choice and control” to its users.

“Many firms want desktop and want to control their data,” he said in a Tuesday interview, ticking off some of the advantages of a desktop product—like speed. Is it more secure as well? “Security is always an issue,” he said, but argued that it’s "multifaceted." For instance, "some people will say 'A hosted solution is more secure,' but who’s more likely to get hacked? Salesforce or Microsoft or your little advisory firm in Poughkeepsie?” though Friedman was quick to point out that most data centers are “way more safe than the average advisory firm.”

Despite desktop’s benefits, Friedman knows that some users might very well want a Web-based version, and providing one also will help Junxure “expand our reach in our market; that’s where the future is.” In fact, the current version of Junxure can easily be placed by users on a “private” cloud now if they so choose, he said, noting that there are many consulting firms that can handle that process for Junxure users, including “two firms that we make referrals to that can do that for you right now.”

The cloud and desktop versions will not be identical. The first release of the Web version of Junxure will contain the “core functionality” of the desktop version, Friedman said, including some key “integrations” that many users require, but with a more Web-friendly user interface that is currently being designed.

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