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50 best ways to generate leads: 11-20

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20. Incorporate secondary offers.

A popular way to increase leads without spending any additional money is to incorporate the use of “secondary offers.”  A secondary offer is a call to action which requires a lower level of commitment for the prospect.  

Secondary offers are typically aimed at engaging a larger percentage of interested prospects who may not yet be ready to commit to an in person interaction.  

Many advisors spend thousands of dollars each year promoting direct mail seminars. They send thousands of mailers each month giving them a tremendous number of opportunities to create leads if they will simply begin incorporating these secondary offers. They could offer a free report, educational video, or something else of value made available for download by interested prospects. I call these prospects 5-8s, meaning they are not yet a 9 or 10 on the buying temperature scale, but could be in the near future.

— Brandon Stuerke, President, Golden Financial Group

19. Focus on a target market.

Why? So you know how to spend your marketing time. Having a defined target market helps you determine where to go, what to say, who to meet, and how to seek referrals. It makes you more focused — advisors, agents, reps, and brokers are notoriously not — and much more referable.

Remember, everyone is not your target market! Everyone doesn’t need your product or service. Besides, you can’t market to everyone. If you’re looking to meet everyone, anyone, someone, the result is very often that you will meet no one. And no one equates to no business.

Focus on who you serve best and, therefore, wish to serve most, and be specific. That’s your target market!

— Michael Goldberg, speaker, consultant, author, founder of Knockout Networking

k18. Get to know your local bank loan officer.

People needing business loans are often required to get a term life insurance plan to cover the loan in case of the borrower’s death.

On your initial phone call or meeting with the loan officer, tell them what sets you apart. Perhaps you specialize in high risk cases or your underwriting team can reevaluate recent declines. Perhaps you offer quick-issue No Medical Exam plans.

Don’t ask for all the business at once. Ask them to try you out, so you can earn their business.

— Tom Poblano, owner, Life Insurance by Tom

17. Harvest good experiences.

Clients sometimes respond to great service by offering the proverbial steak dinner, or saying, “Let me take you out to lunch.” When this Moment of Joy happens, let them know that as much as you would enjoy taking their offer, you’d appreciate it even more if they could tell their friends about the excellent customer service and experience they received. By creating more outspoken advocates of your business, you can begin to build a valuable referral network that pays big dividends.

—Justin Brown, Marketing Content Manager, Bankrate Insurance


16. Host free educational workshops.

Would you agree no one wants to meet one-on-one with a salesperson? The beauty of an educational workshop is that for the prospects there is safety in numbers. People feel much safer coming to a workshop than meeting one-on-one with a sales person.  It’s a non-threatening way for them to get to know you, see the type of work you do and the help you provide.

The beauty of the educational workshop for you is that you can offer them in large or very small groups. They will cost your very little to hold. ($100 to $200) And, because they are considered a public service you can hold them almost anywhere — in your local library, association rooms, conference rooms, etc.

—Lew Nason, RFC, LUTCF, CFLA, coach, trainer, mentor, Insurance Pro Shop

15.Make your message personalized.

To acquire, engage, and retain a new prospect you must consistently show them how much you care. Personalized messages are key to your success. Everyone’s looking for turnkey/automated marketing, but that alone won’t get the job done. To acquire prospects and build relationships, it requires work!  Take LinkedIn, for example. We’ve all received the default invite “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” Are you quick to respond? Only if you are interested in adding numbers to your network, not building relationships. When connecting, I send personalized messages about what we have in common or how I may help. I make sure the message will make the reader feel important. When someone accepts my invite, I swiftly follow-up within 24 hours with an ‘Introduction” email, which further introduces myself, offers support or simply invites them to share ideas with me. It’s a passive yet effective way of building rapport. 

— Todd Greider, manager, training & corporate initiatives, Asset Marketing Systems



Reconnect with any client or prospect you have ever talked to about estate planning to discuss the implications of the American Taxpayer Relief Act (ATRA), the most significant estate tax legislation to have come about in many years. Because only about one-tenth of 1% of Americans will now be subject to federal estate tax annually, many producers are reluctant to bring up the subject because it may lead to a conclusion that some life insurance is no longer needed. But that insight can lead to many other significant opportunities and you are likely doing your clients a great service. Premium dollars saved can be repurposed for LTCI or income and accumulation products and unneeded policies may be life settlement opportunities.

— Peter N. Katz, JD, CLU, ChFC, co-director of national accounts, Life Insurance Settlements, Inc.

13. Have genuine interest.

You are doing what you do for a reason. You are part of a community, start there. When you have genuine interest in what you do, people will naturally be more interested in what you do.

 Anna Giambattista, marketing manager, Futurity First Insurance Group

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12. Really earn client referrals. 

Select your top 20 clients and ask yourself, “Have I served this person in every way I can?” and “What have I done this month to surprise and delight him or her?”  Serving means not just “Did I show her that LTC policy she needs?” but, also, “Did I recommend a chiropractor from my network for her injured back?” Clients have to know that your service isn’t just about things that make you money. “Surprising and delighting” is something you do to astonish them in a good way. I found a golf ball floating in the surf. It had somehow found its way from a cruise ship. I remembered that I have a client whose son collects golf balls from country clubs, so I sent it to her for her son. It became a prized possession—and won me several referrals. And it cost me nothing.

— Sandy Schussel, JD, RFC, sales and marketing coach, Sandy Schussel, LLC

11. Inquire about term insurance.

You never know what asking these two questions will uncover: Do you own any term insurance? Let me take a look? Depending on the age, needs and circumstances of your prospect, here are the most likely scenarios that will result: Some or all of their term insurance will be converted to permanent coverage; the term will be rewritten for a policy with a lower premium, a longer guaranteed premium period or a longer conversion period; some or all of the coverage will be found to be unneeded and become a prospect for a life settlement; or more coverage will be required and new insurance will be sold. What’s interesting is that, in just about every situation, you have the opportunity to benefit your prospect as well as to make a commission for yourself — a win-win for everyone!

— Robin S. Weinberger, CLU, ChFC, CLTC, director of national accounts, Life Insurance Settlements, Inc.


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