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Looking back

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Investment Advisor has published an annual planning technology directory since 1997. Below are some excerpts from an article kicking off our tech directory in April 1998. Although a mere eight years ago, that was a millennium ago, and computer hardware and software have gone through several evolutionary processes since then. It seems quaint now to think about having to close one program to run another or the Internet as a new tool, not to mention the paranoia about Y2K.

“If your planning software is made to run with 32 megabytes of RAM, then maybe you can get by with a computer that has just that much capacity. But wait–you want to integrate the results into a spreadsheet program that uses another 20MB? Or you want to generate a document in a word processing program with data from planning software?…Now for the Internet. Expect the Web to play an ever-increasing role in our professional life…downloading data, processing transactions and checking accounts on line will soon be commonplace in your office….Many Internet service providers are upgrading to handle the 56k modem, and that’s a big benefit to anyone who has to download large files (or who hates to wait half a lifetime waiting for Web graphics to come up)….The newest technology, a writeable CD-ROM drive, can let you archive client files while devoting ever less space to the job…the latest models come with four-digit capability for expressing the year, thus vaulting at least your hardware past the year 2000 bugaboo.”