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The 3 step formula for massive sales success

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Every advisor wants to fill their funnel with more ideal prospects who convert to clients so they can make more sales and more money.

The reality is that most advisors don’t because they create and work an inverse plan that focuses on sales & tactics. Sales & tactics are part of the “Outer Game” (OG) and, while critical to the overall plan, when done alone leaves out two of the most critical factors to success: the “Inner Game” (IG) & the “Game Plan” (GP).

The three step formula for sales success = IG + GP + OG.

While many advisors don’t take the time to create, follow and monitor their plan, those who do achieve amazing success.

Today, we will provide you an insight to create your formula to achieve massive results so you can make the upcoming year your best ever.

Before you begin creating your three step plan, determine where you need help. My favorite approach is the “WWWHRS” which stands for:

    1. W = What
    2. W = Why
    3. W = Worth Barometer
    4. H = How
    5. R = Results
    6. S = Support

First, ask yourself about each of these categories & determine if you know the answer or if it is an area where you need help. Note areas where you need support or do not have the answer by placing an X next to it.

1. W = What do you want to achieve? What do you need to do to achieve it?

The first step to achieving any goal is to know what you want and what you need to do to achieve it.

2. W = Why do you want to achieve it? What is my purpose or passion for doing what I do?

Your purpose is what makes you unstoppable. It is the energy that gets you up in the morning and keeps you on track when things get tough.

3. W = Do you have a healthy “Worth Barometer”?

Your “Worth Barometer” is a term I use to reference a person’s belief & self-esteem. Which of your beliefs support you and which need to be replaced? Do you believe you can achieve your goal?

Do you believe you deserve to achieve your goal? Do you believe you are enough? Do you beat yourself up or build yourself up? To achieve our goal you must believe it is possible. If you don’t then you need to work daily to improve your “Worth Barometer.” 

4. H = How can I best achieve it? Who can help me achieve my goal?

Who knows how to achieve my goal? What action do I need to take to achieve my goal? Once you know our what, why and have a healthy “worth barometer,” you need to know how to make it a reality.

5. R = What results do I need to achieve? What is the risk/reward to taking this action?

Are the results from the action I plan to take theory or proven? Before you dive into a new strategy take a minute and confirm it is not a silver bullet. Silver bullets produce short term sporadic results. To achieve ultimate sales success you need a long term sustainable strategy that produces consistent results. 

6. S = Do I have adequate support, personally & professionally? Who can support me in achieving my goal?

Who can hold me accountable to do what I need to do to achieve my goal? Once you are clear on what you want and how you can achieve it, you need support in staying on track. It is very difficult to make it in the advisory and insurance business without a strong support network who can keep you on course and redirect you when you get off course.  

Now that you are clear on where you are having your challenges, you can begin considering resources to help you resolve them. Your formula for sales success begins with:

Step No. 1: Your inner game

Just as a foundation is critical to building a home, it is also critical in creating a successful sales and/or marketing plan. While most advisors, agents and brokers focus on their outer game and tactics, the breakthrough for many advisors comes by improving their inner game.

Included in your inner game is your:

    • Level 3 “Why”
    • Vision
    • Peak Performance Schedule
    • Affirmative Goals
    • Non-negotiable activities
    • HVFDAs & IPAS

Your “Level 3 ‘Why’” is the main reason you are doing what you are doing. Too often advisors focus on their “Level 1 ‘Why’” which is about them. Level 1 includes how much money you make or what you drive. While it is important, it will only take you so far.

Next, is your “Level 2 ‘Why’” which is about your family and community. This includes where your family lives, who you serve and to what groups & organizations you belong. This also is important but will only take you so far.

Your “Level 3 ‘Why’” includes your reason or purpose for existing. Mark Twain said it best, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” When you are clear about your “Level 3 ‘Why’” you understand why you are here and the result is that you will become unstoppable. You will not be phased by naysayers because you are on a mission to change lives. You no longer let the small stuff distract you because you have a mission to accomplish.

Your vision provides clarity on what you want to achieve and the lives you will impact.

Your “peak performance schedule” (PSP) provides a format to ensure you complete the non- negotiables activities that allow you to show up at your best and achieve optimal results. Examples include: adequate sleep, drinking enough water, eating a clean, healthy diet, focusing your attention, and completing your exercise regimen. Your PPS also keeps you on course to complete the critical HVFDAs (high value fixed daily activities) and IPAs (income producing activities) critical to support your goals.

Step No.2: Your game plan

This is done by identifying your target market, which includes the clients you want to serve as well as the services you provide. Ideally, limit your niche market to two or fewer groups.

The next step is to conduct research with your niche market to find out everything you can about them so you understand how, when and why they buy. This provides you all of the insight you need to dominate your niche market. When you know exactly what your niche market wants, how they want it, and why they want it, you are in a position to deliver it.

When you complete your research, you will know your ideal clients’ motivations, frustrations, worries, hobbies and past times as well as what they read, watch, support and believe, a critical insight to make more sales. You will also know the best lead generation strategies to attract them. 

Step No. 3: Your outer game

Once you have mastered your inner game and are clear on who you are serving, you’re ready to take action.

Begin by identifying your current baseline. This includes your strategy for:

    • Lead generation or prospecting
    • Follow up
    • Attraction marketing
    • Referral and relationship marketing
    • Leveraging your time and resources
    • Mastering the art of what you say

First, determine what strategies you are using that are producing the best results and which ones need to be replaced. Then, identify two more strategies you can add to your plan that won’t require a significant increase in either money or time.

For example, if you are already leveraging your referrals through traditional referral partners such as CPAs or attorneys, consider expanding this to non-traditional partners such as business brokers or P&C agents.

Next, determine each step of your sales process and write down each step as well as what you are saying from your initial meeting to your close. The key to mastering the art of what to say requires that you are authentic, focused on serving your clients to the best of your ability, talk in their language and are conscious in what you say. The result is an increase in your sales & bottom line results.

Now that you have your formula for sales success outlined, it is time to take consistent, massive and right action. Steady and consistent wins the game.


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