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5 things you want in a great blog

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Blogging is a powerful tool for raising your online profile. Here are five things to aim for in writing your insurance agency blog:

Interesting. Begin with an interesting idea or compelling story. Here are some examples of our most popular online articles: 

“What Is First Notice of Loss and Why Is It Important to Both Policy Holders and Insurers?”

“Owner Operator Insurance 101—Lease Agreement Requirements”

“Truck Driver Safety Tips to Reduce Winter Trucking Liability”

Concise. Be concise and write in clear and understandable terms. It’s great to be articulate and descriptive, but if your target market is business people, get to the point. F. Scott Fitzgerald was an amazing novelist but might be too verbose as a blogger.

Targeted. Understand what your audience likes, wants and needs. Does your target audience want information on PPACA or OSHA? Perhaps benefits selling, plan compliance or pay-or-play penalties are hot topics in your industry. Make your content current and relevant.

Emotional. Aim for your audience’s hot-button issues. Regulations, fines, penalties, profits and innovations often hit closer to home than generic subjects. Timely content, such as new regulations, updates and innovations, can be very popular.

Personal. When possible, leverage your own experience and expertise. Try to showcase your expertise and demonstrate that you’re an industry thought-leader. Include your original content alongside articles and updates from your industry.

A compelling and interesting blog should be the centerpiece of your social-media marketing campaign. These tips will help you get there.

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