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3 keys to success for advisors with radio shows

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Although radio is a great medium to generate tons of credibility, create new opportunities for referrals, and reach a brand new multitude of prospects, many advisor hosts aren’t utilizing some of the most powerful ways to leverage their radio shows. Here are a few tips from advisors I work with who are utilizing radio to drive more business through the doors.

1. Have a co-host: This helps position you as the expert and not a self-promoting salesman. Compare the two intros:

  • Flying solo – “Last week was a rough week in the markets. Luckily, I’ve protected all of my clients from a market downturn by utilizing annuities…” Or:
  • With a co-host: “This week we have a great show for you! We fielded a lot of calls last week from a number of our listeners that were concerned about all that’s going on in the market. Mr. Advisor, I know you are sitting down with your clients on a daily basis to talk about their concerns and the different tools to help protect them from a market downturn. Since this seems to be a hot topic, can you share with us some of these planning strategies?”

2. Have a hook or offer: The key to generating new traffic is to make sure you are consistently offering something of value on your show that listeners can request. Whether it’s a free proposal, recent study or maybe a free book giveaway, it’s imperative that you are asking your listeners to respond for something on a consistent basis to generate leads and calls.

3. Make it easy to respond: Give listeners multiple avenues to easily contact you and mention them throughout the show. Many advisors create phone numbers or websites that are simple to remember. Example: “Call me at 555-4ADVICE or visit my website at”

Look tomorrow for two more ways to drive more business through your radio show.

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More tips:

Brad Johnson is the vice president of marketing for Advisors Excel and has networked with the largest life and annuity producers in the country to leverage the most successful sales ideas and scripts, product positioning concepts, seminar ideas and presentations, national PR strategies, and social media tactics they use on a daily basis. For more producer-proven strategies or advice on how to adapt your business for the changing times, go to