Denver-based Janus Capital Group announced Thursday it had launched two new funds, Janus Global Bond Fund and Janus Emerging Markets Fund.

Janus Global Bond Fund is co-managed by Gibson Smith and Darrell Watters, and will utilize a fundamentally driven process focused on credit oriented investments around the world. The primary benchmark for Janus Global Bond Fund is Barclays Capital Global Aggregate Bond Index. Smith, who also serves as Janus’ Co-CIO and head of fixed income, says this Fund is a natural extension of Janus’ credit-driven approach to fixed income investing and will offer an alternative to many of the macro-driven strategies that dominate the global fixed-income marketplace.

“Our global bond fund extends the same bottom-up research process that we have used for more than two decades here in the U.S. to the European and Asian markets,” said Smith in a statement. “With our credit-oriented approach, we're looking for companies that are going through a positive fundamental transformation of their capital structure, and thus present the best risk/reward opportunities for our clients.”

Janus Emerging Markets Fund invests in emerging market securities and will be benchmarked to the MSCI Emerging Markets Index. Jonathan Coleman, who serves as Janus’ Co-CIO and head of equity, believes that Janus’ investment experience in emerging markets could provide an advantage in a rapidly changing world.

“We have been investing in emerging markets in our diversified equity funds for more than a decade and we think there continues to be a multitude of potential long-term investment opportunities going forward. We believe our wealth of experience in this area gives us a distinct advantage and that this fund could be an attractive option for investors,” Coleman said in a statement.

The Fund is jointly managed by Wahid Chammas and Matt Hochstetler. Chammas, who also serves as co-portfolio manager of Janus Europe Fund, is based in London. He also is an equity analyst at Janus, focused on stocks in the leisure and tobacco industries since 2005. Hochstetler, who also joined the firm in 2005, also is an equity analyst, focused on emerging markets with an emphasis on Latin America.

The portfolio managers will invest in securities of issuers in emerging market countries including, but not limited to, those that are primarily listed on the trading market of an emerging market country or are incorporated or have their principal business activities in an emerging market country. They seek quality companies with sustainable competitive advantages and high or improving returns on capital.