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It’s almost over. In Tulsa, the schools are mostly open now — our educational year seems to be based on harvesting wheat and on building up extra closing days for when there are ice or snowstorms, weather that Oklahoma is ill-equipped to handle. There’s a sadness to the end of summer. One morning — always in August — I go for a swim in the pool and suddenly the outside air is cold and dewy; that’s the day when I know the end of summer is near. Trying to stave off the inevitable, I keep swimming until October — the leaves that attack the pool be damned — but I find each year I close the pool a bit earlier. I can remember swimming into early November, but no longer. I usually wimp out now by mid-October, if not before.

On the other hand, the market usually rallies in November and there are lots to celebrate at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I read an Associated Press piece in Sunday’s Tulsa World that suggests that the median age for TV viewers is now 51. Interestingly, of the major networks, Fox has the lowest median age, 44; that’s surprising to me because I figured Fox would have the highest.

At any rate, advertisers have begun to realize that it’s us old folks who have the money. Of course, it’s a bit late for the discovery, since we oldsters now zip through TV ads on our video recorders (Who said we can’t learn how to handle remotes? It’s finding them that is hard). My vision for the future: All TV content is purchased through Netflix or cable — very little advertising. It took years for advertisers to realize that the old folks had the money; now it may take another few decades for them to realize that no one watches much advertising. The ad mentioned that demographics were not available for iPad purchasers; even so, in seeing other iPad users around Tulsa, I find many of them to be attached to people over 50, and I read recently about people using the tablet computers to keep their minds sharp — one guy even used it to stave off dementia. What’s the average (or even median, if you want to do the calculation) age of the iPad user in your part of the country?

Have a wonderful week. There’s a three-day weekend coming up next weekend. Plan something that’s fun!

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