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Seeking the Undervalued, But With Potential

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“We are bargain seekers, looking for the most value wherever we can find it,” said Bill Lippman, president of Franklin Advisory Services, LLC in Fort Lee, New Jersey in a statement announcing the introduction of Franklin All Cap Value Fund, which he manages along with Steve Raineri. The fund, designed to serve as a core equity holding, seeks long-term total return by investing primarily in equity securities of companies of any size that the fund’s managers believe are undervalued and have the potential for capital appreciation.

“We believe the best prospects for profit come from buying stocks of sound companies at a discount, and we uncover these opportunities by employing the same disciplined investment process that our team of experienced value investors has used for over 20 years,” said Lippman, “We seek securities trading at prices below the true value of their underlying assets, with strong long-term fundamentals and solid prospects that have either flown under the market’s radar or have been undervalued because investors have overreacted due to unfavorable news or anticipated poor economic conditions,” he added.

Franklin All Cap Value Fund rounds out the group’s market cap-specific value line-up, which includes Franklin MicroCap Value Fund, Franklin Small Cap Value Fund, Franklin MidCap Value Fund, and Franklin Large Cap Value Fund. Franklin All Cap Value Fund’s flexibility to invest in companies across the entire market capitalization spectrum allows Lippman and his team to leverage the ideas they generate in managing these market cap-specific offerings, as well as Franklin Balance Sheet Investment Fund and Franklin Rising Dividends Fund, to select the most promising investment opportunities for the fund. As a result, Franklin All Cap Value Fund will generally reflect a broad market exposure.

The fund may invest up to 25% of its total assets in foreign securities, however, the managers currently intend to limit foreign investments to no more than 15% of the fund’s total assets. The fund’s benchmarks are the Russell 3000 Value Index and the S&P 500 Index.