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4 Keys to Self-discipline and Success

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Self-discipline is the master key to effectiveness in sales and any other endeavor you may choose.

1) Honesty. The ability to be honest requires the self- discipline to tell the truth, even when the truth will hurt you.

2) Integrity. It’s tough to always walk the walk. But that’s what integrity is. It means that your word is your bond and that you can be counted on. 

3) Courage. Self-discipline is what allows you to stand when inside all you want to do is run. You have a commitment to something greater, to a higher value, and you are willing to keep that commitment regardless of the price you may have to pay.

4) Delayed Gratification. Of all the things that self- discipline enables, the most important may be the ability to delay gratification. It gives you the ability to trade a lesser reward now for a greater reward later.

Anthony Iannarino is managing director of B2B Sales Coach & Consultancy.