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Funds That Travel the World

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Mutual Funds Assets($ mil.) 1-YearTotal Return* 3-YearTotal Return* MorningstarRatings

Oppenheimer Intl. Bond OIBAX $98325.4017.305

Evergreen Intl. Bond ESICX $23917.9016.505

Del. Pooled Intl. Fixed Inc. Trust DPIFX $5317.3016.504

T. Rowe Price Intl. Bond PAIBX $1,18016.5012.704

Templeton Intl. Bond TEGBX $67318.3012.704

American Funds Cptl. Wrld. Bd. CWBFX $1,12016.3012.604

Blackrock Intl. Bond CIFIX $29315.609.605

Closed-End Funds

Aberdeen Global Income FCO $15433.1022.303

Alliance World Dlr. Govt. II AWF $91032.2022.004

Salomon Bros. Emg. Mkts. Flt. Rate EFL $5833.4013.002

Source: Morningstar Inc. *As of 2/24/04