Aug. 25, 2003 — Four Transamerica funds will add a redemption fee in October in an effort to keep investors from rapidly buying and selling shares.

The 2% fee will apply to shares of Transamerica Premier Core Equity/A (TCEAX), Transamerica Premier Equity Fund/A (TAEQX), Transamerica Premier Growth Opportunities/Inv (TPSCX) and Transamerica Premier Focus Fund that are purchased on or after October 1 and are sold or exchanged for shares of other Transamerica funds within 90 days.

Shares acquired through the reinvestment of dividends or capital gains distributions, or those purchased for 401(k) or other retirement accounts are exempt from the fee.

The fee may discourage short-term traders, or so-called market timers, Transamerica Funds said in a regulatory filing.