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News Headlines Help Make Sales

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What You Need to Know

  • Bad things can happen to anyone.
  • Prospects may hear you better if you're talking about names they know.
  • Prospects know celebrities' names.

While COVID-19 has dominated most of the headlines and politicians get their share too, I look for headlines that address the needs and fears of families and business owners.

Sometimes there are articles about a business owner that passed away too soon or an article that talks about a disabling accident or illness that occurred to someone. (Celebrities in Hollywood sadly often fall into this category, through no fault of their own but their name is easily recognized by a prospect.)

Over the last year, a number of well-known people have passed away some, without making any arrangements for those left behind. There are news articles about this.

I don’t know if it’s just me but…. more and more I am taking notice of all the weird stuff happening on the roads in my home locale of Long Island, New York, and it’s making me very glad that I am covered by adequate amounts of life and disability insurance.

Some recent headlines in the media might help to underscore my point: “Firefighter Indicted for DWI, Killing Man in Wrong – Way Suffolk Crash”; “Drunk Driver Crashes Vehicle Into Long Island Home, Police Say”; “Two Vehicles Slam Into Long Island Subway Restaurant Causing Fire, Injury to Driver” and “Suffolk County Police 6th Squad Detectives Are Investigating a Five-Vehicle Crash That Killed a Man in Centereach January 30th.”

As if potholes and speeding, impolite drivers were not enough, now we read about cars flying into people’s living rooms!

I have become increasingly aware and tense thanks to the vulnerable feeling I have every day I get behind the wheel of my car.

While many people have been living in fear thanks to COVID-19, the simple fact of being a driver or passenger in a car or in some cases sitting in your living room exposes you to risks that you may never think about. Insurance is a way to wrap a blanket around people that need protecting, so that if you wind up in some very unexpected calamity the insurance is there to provide for the basics of life that a family needs to survive.

Keeping a file book with news articles you can post and comment on or show to prospects in meetings can really help to illustrate the importance of proper coverage.

Jerry Cohen (Photo: Jerry Cohen)Jerry Cohen is a broker in the life, health and Medicare supplement insurance markets. His office is in Port Jefferson Station, New York.

(Image: Syda Productions/Shutterstock)