These are the 5 U.S. House districts with the most residents ages 65 and older...

5. Arizona, 4th District (Prescott): 231,593

Rep. Paul Gosar (Republican)

4. Florida, 16th District (Longboat Key): 239,901

Rep. Vern Buchanan (Republican)

3. Florida, 17th District (Sarasota): 263,863

Rep. Greg Steube (Republican)

2. Florida, 19th District (Naples): 271,415

Rep. -elect Byron Donalds (Republican)


1. Florida, 11th District (Winter Garden): 304,733

Rep. Daniel Webster (Republican)

COVID-19 has been killing about 1 in every 266 U.S. residents under age 65 who test positive for the virus that causes the disease, according to state and federal data, compared with about 13% of residents 65 and older who test positive.

Those figures mean that the COVID-19 is a serious threat to younger people, and a dire threat to older people.


  • A copy of the American Community Survey population by age map for 2019 is available here.
  • An article based on 2017 House district age data is available here.

The severe impact of the pandemic on older people could eventually have effects on U.S. politics as well as on U.S. health.

One way to begin to analyze the political effects is to look at U.S. Census Bureau data showing which U.S. House districts have the highest number of residents ages 65 and older.

The newest age-based population figures come from American Community Survey data from 2019.

The 2019 table shows that the number of people ages 65 and older in each district ranges from 63,503, in a district that includes Fort Worth, Texas, up to a high of 304,733, with a median of about 122,000.

For the five districts with the highest number of residents ages 65 and older, as of 2019, see the data cards in the slideshow above.

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