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12 Seasoned Life, Health and Annuity Stars: 2019 Generational Lists

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Here’s the second batch of entries for our 2019 Generational Lists recognition program.

We developed this approach to succeed our 30 Under 30 program, to give ourselves a way to cast a spotlight on interesting industry professionals of all ages.

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We listed 10 industry professionals under 30 Tuesday, and we’ll list 10 industry professionals over 70 Friday. Here, we list 12 mid-career professionals because we received many great nominations for industry professionals ages 30 to 70..

We selected the candidates using a combination of a nomination process and our own digital search efforts.

We certainly can’t say that the 12 mid-career professionals listed here are the only ones worth watching. Whether they’re the best is a matter of opinion. But they are pushing through about 10 different, conflicting currents of dramatic change, and, as they wade through the eddies, they stand out because:

1. They have great promotional support.

We received very few nominations for candidates under 30 or over 70. We had to find candidates for those lists ourselves, and that was hard to do.

Marketing support teams sent us many nomination forms or mid-career professionals, and finding great candidates online was also easy.

2. They tend to be heavily involved in industry groups or community groups.

We don’t even know how many kid sports team jerseys and helmets their companies’ logos are on, but, probably, a lot.

3. They have ideas.

Many of the people on the list of young professionals posted Tuesday are full of ideas but not in a great position to implement those ideas.

Many of the people on today’s mid-career professionals list have created products, developed extensive outreach efforts, or even started companies to bring their ideas to life.

To see the names of 12 2019 mid-career life, health and annuity industry players to watch, scroll through the people cards in the slideshow above. Wiggle your pointer over the first slide to make the slideshow control arrows show up.

We’ll publish the names of the “Titanium Stars” Friday.

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