1. Church or religious organization

Advisors often compartmentalize their lives. They will not prospect at their place of worship. The advisor handing out cards as people file out the door fills them with dread. That’s not you. Does your religious institution have a weekly bulletin featuring business card ads? Signing up for a several-month long campaign can raise your visibility. When someone needs a service, they often look at the bulletin ads to see who they know in the business. (Photo: Shutterstock)

2. Your extended family

You’ve likely covered his during your first year in the business. “I’ve got all their money.” Consider family in three categories. Immediate family includes parents, in-laws, brothers and sisters. Extended family includes aunts, uncles and other people who turn up for Thanksgiving. Distant family are so geographically remote, you only think of them when sending holiday cards or planning family reunions. Do they all know Who you are, What you do and Why you are good? Do you know Who they are, Where they work and What they do? Do you send birthday and anniversary cards? Get on their radar. (Photo: Shutterstock)

3. Friends of your best clients

Some clients think you are the greatest. They have a financial plan. You advise on their investments. Their chances of reaching their goals is good if they keep adding money on schedule. They have friends. They socialize over BBQs, holiday parties and the Super Bowl. Find a way to get invited and meet their friends. The easiest way to plant the idea is to invite them to your house with some friends for a BBQ or chili night. Clients should have a good time and return the favor. They will likely introduce you as their advisor, “She’s the greatest.” (Photo: Shutterstock)

4. Join a nonprofit

You might already support the local museum. How often do you attend events? They likely have a members-only reception every time a new exhibition opens. A couple of hundred people attend. Join a couple of cultural organizations. Attend an event a month. Try to meet six new people at each event. Say hello to people you met last month. If you really hit it off with someone, suggest getting a drink or a bite afterwards. People will gradually get to know who you are. You will meet lots of new people who are likely prequalified. (Photo: Shutterstock)

5. Client portfolio reviews

September marks the end of the third quarter. Summer is over. Fall is here. If you haven’t scheduled client portfolio reviews, you should! Report how they are doing year to date. Remind them what you do for them. Explain you like everything they have. Ask for fresh money. Now comes the prospecting idea: Ask if they have other friends who invest in the market. Do any of them complain about a lack of attention from their advisor? You would be interested in meeting them. They might feel they are doing a friend a favor by making the introduction. (Photo: Shutterstock)


Advisors need to keep the prospect pipeline filled. You’ve read 5 Easy Places to Find Prospects. Some you have already put into practice. Check out the gallery above for more ideas. Filling the prospecting pipeline does have to be all about cold calling and mailings. You can add prospects just by adapting what you’re already doing.

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