5. Minnesota, 3rd District (Deephaven)

Rep. Dean Phillips


With health insurance: 83.9%

4. Michigan, 11th District (Rochester Hills)

Rep. Haley Stevens


With private health insurance: 84.2%

3. Illinois, 6th District (Downers Grove)

Rep. Sean Casten


With private health insurance: 84.7%

2. New Jersey, 11th District (Montclair)

Rep. Mikie Sherrill


With private health insurance: 84.8%

1. Virginia, 10th District (Leesburg)

Rep. Jennifer Wexton


With private health insurance: 85.1%


Here’s another installment in a series of articles we’re running about the demographic variables that shape House members’ lives, based on data from the Census Bureau’s 2017 American Community Survey results.

Typical House members, and voters, have much more experience with using private health insurance than with using any other commercial insurance product.

But even levels of familiarity with private health insurance vary widely from one community to another.

The Census Bureau provides several different health insurance use indicators. One is the percentage of the civilian noninstitutionalized residents that have private health insurance.

The 2017 district-level median was 68.5%.

The percentage of people with private health insurance ranged from a low of under 40%, in four districts, up to more than 84%, in four other districts.

For the five districts with the highest levels of people with private health insurance, see the data cards in the slideshow above.

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