Husni Abelaziz

Approximate age: 28
Organization: National Association of Health Underwriters
Location: Washington
Role: Manager of state affairs

He monitors legislative and regulatory issues in 30 states.

Kaitlyn Alderete

Approximate age: 26
Organization: Cavalier Associates
Location: Westlake Village, California
Role: Case manager

2017-2018 president of the Rotaract Club of Conejo Valley

Laci Alvarado

Approximate age: 27
Organization: American Family
Location: Mesa, Arizona
Role: Agency owner

Mesa Chamber of Commerce-Mesa Young Professionals co-chair

Mark Boczar

Approximate age: 27
Organization: Boonswang Law Firm
Location: Philadelphia
Role: Lawyer

Has recovered large sums on behalf of clients from life insurance claims and catastrophic injury cases.

Kana Carlson

Approximate age: 28
Organization: Revive Insurance
Location: South Jordan, Utah
Role: Health insurance agent

Is a professional-level dance instructor.


Brittney Carroll

Approximate age: 29
Organization: Northwestern Mutual
Location: Irving, Texas
Role: Financial representative

Has managed a patient services staff of 60 for a hospital in Dallas.

Ben Cass

Approximate age: 29
Organization: Mutual of Omaha
Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Role: Senior developer

Picked to serve as a 2018 fellow by the New Leaders Council in Omaha. Earned his bachelor's degree when he was 17.

Jessica Charles

Approximate age: 26
Organization: Liberty Financial Strategies
Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Role: Client services professional

Is a former Division I-level field hockey player. Certified in sports law.

Natasha Cornelius

Approximate age: 29
Organization: Quotacy Inc.
Location: Minneapolis
Role: Content manager

Now studying for the Chartered Life Underwriter professional designation.

Tyler Davis

Approximate age: 23
Organization: North Star Resource Group
Location: San Diego
Role: Financial advisor

Volunteers with Habitat for Humanity and with after school tutoring programs.


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We’re back with a new version of our annual “30 Under 30″ feature.

In the past, we relied mainly on a nomination campaign to round up the 30 Under 30 candidates.

This year, we tried a new approach: looking on our own for people under 30 who have been working as life agents, health agents, annuity advisors, home office staffers, and professionals in closely related fields, such as life insurance law and life and health policy advocacy.

We came up with the 2018 30 Under 30 list using proprietary search methods that favored candidates who have a strong presence on the web. We are not saying that these are necessarily “the best” life, health and annuity professionals ages 30 and under, but these are some of the faces consumers and others might see if they search on the web for agents and advisors.

To winnow the list of candidates, we limited each agency, insurance supplier or other organization to one entry on the list. We then looked for candidates who appeared to have something more interesting online than the standard mission statement that employers or insurance suppliers provided.

We relied entirely on public information. We estimated the ages of the professionals listed here using online information, such as information about high school or college graduation dates. Some people here may actually be 30, or even a little older than 30. All of the people on our list could be described as “Millennials”: Demographers at Pew Research Center now classify 1996 as the last birth year for Millennials. That means the life and health professionals who are now 21 are actually members of Generation Z, not Millennials.

Although we limited each organization to one entry on the list, we treated separately branded affiliates of the same insurer as separate organizations.

To see the first batch of 10 “30 Under 30″ nominees, see the idea cards in the slideshow above.

We’ll publish the second batch Sept. 24, and the third batch Oct. 1.

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