Each Colorado exchange broker helped an average of 101 people apply for exchange plan coverage this year. (Image: Connect for Health Colorado)

The state-based Affordable Care Act public exchange in Colorado is selling more health coverage this year, and it’s getting more of its business from brokers.

Connect for Health Colorado says it had placed 140,820 people in paid-up individual or small-group major medical coverage by March 7, according to a new report. The number of effectuated enrollees was up from 125,514, according to an earlier report, based on figures recorded March 10, 2016.

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The number of brokers working with the exchange fell 17 percent, to 961.

But the Colorado brokers who are still selling exchange coverage sold more of this year.

The number of people on applications that came in through brokers increased 61 percent, to 97,377.

The average number of submitted lives per broker increased to 101, per 52 last year.

The number of people who paid the full price for coverage, without help from a subsidy, increased 2.7 percent. The average monthly premium those people paid increased 4.6 percent, to $264 per month.

The number of enrollees using the ACA advance premium rose 18 percent, to 83,788. The average full cost of the coverage the subsidized enrollees bought rose 16 percent, to $529. But, after including the effects of the ACA premium tax credit subsidy, the average amount the subsidized enrollees paid out of pocket for coverage fell 2 percent, to $135 per month.

Group plan enrollment fell 5.3 percent, to 2,801.


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