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There’s one thing we can say about 2017 so far: It has been interesting.

Many recent developments in the health and life insurance spaces should not surprise agents, advisors and finance-industry executives — although they most certainly will challenge staid and traditional business practices. If you’ve been reading our website and magazine, you know that tech-driven disruption is already reshaping the way insurers serve consumers, and the regulatory structures that frame the insurance and finance industries are shifting.

As you continue to perfect a business culture informed by innovation, the writers and editors at National Underwriter Life & Health magazine, as well as our sister publications, are also looking at fresh ways to get you the information you need.

Meanwhile, our business is changing, too. One of the first challenges for my colleagues and I after the holidays was adjusting our workflows to a streamlined new business model, and the difficult staffing changes that came with it. We move forward now knowing that our mandate is to continue to bring you the latest industry insights and the best in business-to-business journalism, while continuing the professionalism and compassion modeled by former Editor-in-Chief Emily Holbrook and former Senior Editor Warren Hersch.

Service journalism is our mission here, and that mission is unchanged.

To that end, this month’s issue of National Underwriter Life & Health is devoted to critical illness insurance and the challenges that Americans must overcome should they face a debilitating long-term condition. There remains an ongoing need for consumers to better understand how they can reasonably expect the best but prepare for the worst when it comes to their security and that of their families. Pair that need with a wealth of opportunities to educate around insurance and financial products that solve problems, particularly the coverage gap problem, and the critical illness insurance market comes to the forefront.

So let’s make a pact: My team will continue to strive to do the best work we can for you, while you continue to do the best work you can for friends and neighbors who may be compromised by a lack of future planning. If you’d like to see more of a certain type of coverage here or online, I invite you to send me your ideas and feedback at [email protected]

Elana Ashanti Jefferson is the managing editor of

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