This week on the ShiftShapers podcast, Eric Parmenter outlines the differences between the HMOs of the past and value-based care at the provider and hospital level.  Eric is the VP of Employer Solutions at Evolent Health. His vast experience at all spectrums of the insurance industry makes him the perfect guest to identify the benefits and potential in store with a value-based approach to pricing.

We begin our conversation with a definition of value-based care. Ultimately, this approach is a shift away from a fee-for-service model which allows providers more control in how they interact with patients. The changes won’t be immediately noticeable to patients, but it has the potential to revolutionize the way doctors deliver care.

Eric provides a wealth of information that is sure to help you understand how value-based care differs from the HMO model and the benefits it provides.  Listen in to discover just how value-based care will impact the future of healthcare pricing models.

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