Now that the DOL fiduciary rule has been finalized, you might be wondering what happened to the feedback from the comment periods. Maybe you even offered comments.

People have been very concerned about many areas affecting advisors and others, including these, for starters:

  • Education

  • Coverage of health and welfare arrangements

  • Appraisals

  • Can I say”Hire me”

  • Small Businesses

  • Asset list in BICE

  • Timing of the contract

  • Call centers and required contract parties

  • Disclosure

  • Implementation concerns… and more

Did the DOL take those comments into consideration?

They say yes. On its website, the DOL has created a chart addressing changes it made in a whole slew of areas from the proposed early version to the finalized one.

Did your concerns get addressed? Check the chart at the DOL site or see our version below (click to enlarge):

Chart by the U.S. Dept. of Labor. You can see the original here


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