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How to: Use insurance marketing video captions to improve SEO

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Videos offer agencies and brokers an opportunity to provide educational, sticky, effective and entertaining digital content. Video conveys complex concepts faster and better than text.

When adding video to an insurance agency website, it’s important to add keyword rich captions.

Benefits of insurance marketing videos:

Videos aren’t new to insurance marketing and they’ve been discussed here before. To look at all of the benefits you can receive from creating videos, view our infographic. The bottom line is that your insurance leads are 80 percent more likely to watch video then read your content.

Google also gives more weight to webpages that contain videos because they understand the work involved. And if your video has a longer view time than other websites in the same search results, then you receive even more props from Google.

Getting people to watch the entire video:

People prefer videos to written content. However, not all of your insurance leads will watch your video in its entirety. People want to know if the video pertains to them and if they don’t see its benefit, they will quickly leave your video and bounce to another site.

Captions and transcripts will help improve the chance people will watch your entire video and boost your authority with Google. Captions and transcripts help by:

  • Improving revenue by 16 percent.

  • Increase view time by up to 80 percent.

  • Improve deep linking with keywords in video.

  • Improve search for keywords included in video.

If you are going to take the time and effort to create insurance videos, you should leverage their benefits to the fullest. Including transcripts and captions in your insurance marketing videos will allow your insurance leads to find immediate relevance in your digital content and give you a boost in Google search results.

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