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The 10 best international life and health insurance ads

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A storyteller is a person who tells stories. Insurance TV ads appeal to their audiences by telling stories. But why are we drawn to stories of success, happiness, loss or funny anecdotes? It’s all part of being human and emphasizing or relating your own experiences with what you’re watching on the TV. And that’s what makes these ads a very powerful marketing tool. 

Do you recall the fun you had re-watching many of the insurance TV ads from yesteryear? Or viewing our picks for the most memorable life and health insurance ads ever and adding your own favorite ad to our list? 

If you haven’t seen them, click above, and we’ll wait here … to present you with the funniest, craziest and even saddest insurance ads from South Africa, Japan, Switzerland and other far-flung spots. Keep those tissues ready because we bet that one of our ads will make you sniffle, if just a little. This is marketing at its best.


South Africa – 1st for Women: Top Gun

“Last one back to base is a loser!” And cue the shenanigans to the tune of “Macho man” by the Village People. This South African insurance company bets that women make safer choices than some “macho” men. And that’s one of the many things that make women better prospects (less claims, anyone?). We’re also pretty sure that you’re not going to forget this one, and other similar ads from this company, for quite a while.


Netherlands – Delta Lloyd: figure hockey game           

What happens when a figure skater decides to become part of a hockey game? He must have an awesome life insurance policy to pull this one off. Delta Lloyd, an insurance company in the Netherlands, puts this idea to test in this commercial.

Japan – UFJ Tsubasa Securities: Ninjas need a good partner

An investment banking firm that’s part of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, this Japanese company reaffirms that everyone needs a good partner, especially if you’re a ninja with pointy stars. Avoid a potential headache and choose your insurance partner wisely.

India / United Kingdom – ICICI Pru Life Insurance: irreplaceable

How many of us work long hours at the office and only see our loved ones, especially our kids, after they’ve gone to bed? If this ad doesn’t make you feel like you have to go home right now and hug your family, then we don’t know what will; but we can hope that our last ad will. Everyone is irreplaceable and should something bad happen, insurance is here to protect the ones who need you.

Netherlands – De Amersfoortse: keep going

Some might say that the Dutch have an interesting sense of humor. This guy has a sense of humor and a guardian angel, by the name of De Amersfoorste, an insurance agency that provides health insurance, disability and a host of other products. And, phew, he’s ok, because his health care and disability protect him, so he can always land on his… er… feet.


Switzerland - Zurich Insurance: true love

Who doesn’t love taking care of another person? We’re glad to see that this guy, who is on a date, finally came to his senses, although we don’t condone any sort of wearing only undergarments in public. But the ad really drives home that when you truly love something, you do anything to protect it.


Japan: Aflac – A romantic gift more valuable than an engagement ring?

You had me at Aflac! Korean celebrities parodying Korean soap operas, in Japanese? You bet it’s Aflac in Japan… Just like we make fun of telenovelas in Spanish, in Japan, it’s all about making fun of the amazing and over-the-top Korean telenovelas. We can only guess what they are saying: “Aflac is the only thing that really matters.” That’s not the real translation. But it’s true because, what else shows someone that you love them or care about their future with you than life insurance? And did you know that Aflac insures one in four households Japan? Food for thought. 

Netherlands – Centraal Beheer: Winter or no winter, we’re waiting for you

Though the ad opens with kids being a bit… disgusting, Centraal Beheer, an insurance company in Apeldoorn, Netherlands, is known for their funny and sometimes inappropriate TV ads, which usually lack dialogue. However, we don’t need a translator to know what’s going on here. When you are in trouble, who are you going to call? Centraal Beheer! Translations: “Winter of geen winter we staan voor u klaar. Even Apeldoorn bellen” = Winter or no winter, we are waiting for you. Just call Apeldoorn.


India – MAX NY Life insurance: Intend to do more

Even the richest man wants something, but life insurance is for everyone. To protect your material things, your family, and help you live almost worry-free. The only things that insurance can’t do? Bring back your youth and re-grow your hair.


Thailand – Thai Life Insurance: unsung hero

Prepare for the waterworks. It is a long commercial in Thai (with English subtitles), but I dare you to watch it entirely and not even get teary-eyed. The ad says that this guy will never be rich, famous or appear on TV. But he witnesses happiness, feels the love and makes the world more beautiful. “Believe in good.”