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Disability Insurance Observer: Celebrities

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Larry Schneider, who has been selling disability insurance since, roughly, matter emerged from the hot cloud of plasma left over from the Big Bang, has sent me an announcement about the publication of his Encyclopedia of DI manual.

It hit me that, because doesn’t want to become a site full of promotional material, we have very strict rules about how we can write about new insurance products, or new insurance publications.

When filmmakers are just producing the new Hunger Games movie, and thinking about releasing it a long time from now, horrible, wretched, despised pirates can get zillions of hits by stealing intellectual property and posting early drafts of the publicity poster online.

Because, if we don’t know how Jennifer Lawrence will wear her hair in the next movie in the series, well, what use is there in continuing to live?

Even if, in New York, five people who normally live under a subway ventilation grate come up with $10 to perform an improvised play about the inner lives of squid in Manhattan, they might get some coverage in The New York Times.

But if Larry Schneider tries to get a little press during the May Disability Insurance Awareness Month campaign with a book about how to keep illness and injury from ruining people’s lives — well, why would anyone want to read about that?

Might as well write about something completely boring, like, say, retirement savings, or low interest rates. 

Much better to write about how to get photos of the funny things your cat does into a social media feed. Now that’s exciting. 

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