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Ritholtz's reads: Emerging markets, ETFs and post-panic paranoia

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(Bloomberg) — Some interesting reads to start off your day:

  • A Field Guide to Stock Market Corrections (Reformed Broker);
  • Gundlach Shows Why Betting Against Treasuries Is a Fool’s Game (Businessweek), see also Bonds are suddenly the hot investment (MarketWatch);
  • How ETF Investors Can Play Europe in 2014 (WSJ);
  • Emerging markets are badly served by ETFs (FT), see also Emerging Markets Play an Unsettling Tune (MoneyBeat);
  • Post-panic paranoia plotted (FT Alphaville);
  • The New MyRA Roth IRA Proposal — Everything We Know So Far (Kitces);
  • FINRA Arbitration: Kangaroo Court or Model of Fairness? (Global Economic Intersection);
  • The farm bill is up for a final vote soon. Here’s why so many people hate it. (WonkBlog);
  • Two Apple Bears, Revisited (stratechery);
  • The News: A User’s Manual (The Guardian).

 Read the original Bloomberg post and accompanying links to referenced literature here.