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Officials at the Center for Consumer Information & Insurance Oversight are trying to help exchange agents and brokers get through the enrollment site maze.

CCIIOhas posted a new guide aimed at the producers who serve individual exchange users.

The guide offers tips for HHS exchange producers.

Joy Kraybill and other CCIIO officials offer several pages of advice for producers still struggling with HealthCare.gov.

Many common problems have to do with CMS and HealthCare.gov security rules.

Some brokers get stuck when they try to log in on behalf of a consumer. The problem? HealthCare.gov requires consumers to log in for themselves.

In other cases, brokers might find their passwords are too old to comply with CMS password standards – they expire every 60 days.

CCIIO officials also talk about how producers can show the CMS Enterprise Portal that they’re allowed to act as exchange agents or exchange brokers, and about how to set up three-way way calls with live human exchange reps if the enrollment website goes down.

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