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WisdomTree Reshuffles Lineup

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WisdomTree Investments implemented changes to seven equity ETFs and added a new actively managed ETF called the WisdomTree Global Real Return Fund (RRF).

RRF combines inflation-linked bond exposure from around the world along with commodity strategies designed to provide a managed solution to global inflation.

“Economies around the world are experiencing inflation at different speeds but U.S. investors should be aware that inflation around the globe can directly impact them,” said Bruce Lavine, WisdomTree President & COO. “We believe investing in U.S. TIPS alone is simply an incomplete inflation fighting strategy. We have designed the Global Real Return Fund (RRF) as a diversified, multi-asset class approach to combating inflation.”

As of mid-July, RRF held 67.28 percent in inflation-linked bonds with the remaining portion divided among energy, grains, metals, livestock and agricultural commodities. The fund charges annual expenses of 0.60 percent.

WisdomTree also changed the names and strategies for seven ETFs, as follows:

  • Previous: WisdomTree Pacific ex-Japan Total Dividend Fund (DND)
  • New: WisdomTree Asia-Pacific ex-Japan Fund (AXJL)

AXJL now includes large cap dividend-paying companies in Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.

  • Previous: WisdomTree Pacific ex-Japan Equity Income Fund (DNH)
  • New: WisdomTree Australia Dividend Fund (AUSE)

AUSE tracks the WisdomTree Australia Dividend Index and focuses exclusively on dividend-paying companies in Australia.

  • Previous: WisdomTree International Basic Materials Sector Fund (DBN)
  • New: WisdomTree Commodity Country Equity Fund (CCXE)

CCXE tracks dividend-paying companies ranked by market capitalization from each of the following commodity countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, Norway, Russia and South Africa.

  • Previous: WisdomTree International Energy Sector Fund (DKA)
  • New: WisdomTree Global Natural Resources Fund (GNAT)

GNAT tracks global dividend-paying companies that are involved in the production of energy and natural rescources, including oil and gas producers, basic materials companies, such as metal and mining companies, and agriculture companies.

  • Previous: WisdomTree International Utilities Sector Fund (DBU)
  • New: WisdomTree Global ex-US Utility Fund (DBU)

DBU has broadened exposure to global utilities companies from developed and emerging markets outside of the US.

  • Previous: WisdomTree International Real Estate Fund (DRW)
  • New: WisdomTree Global ex-US Real Estate Fund (DRW)

DRW has broadened exposure to global real estate companies from developed and emerging markets outside of the US.

  • Previous: WisdomTree World ex-US Growth Fund (DNL)
  • New: WisdomTree Global ex-US Growth Fund (DNL)

DNL follows the same index and there are no additional changes to the fund.