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Health Agents: Your Recipe for Success

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I learned long ago that in order to be successful in something you must have three main ingredients: purpose, pain and love. No, I am not trying to promote some new-age selling technique. I am simply stating the same ingredients that have made every businessman and businesswoman successful since the beginning of time.

Here’s the thing: You may not think you are using these ingredients, but if you’re a successful insurance agent, chances are you use them every time you do business.

Pain and purpose

For me, each day is a purpose-driven day. I wake up ready to tackle the world one to-do at a time. My to-do list is made up of individual tasks, but if you add them all together, you’ll see that they all center on helping consumers around the world receive the best critical illness and accident coverage on the market.

My day begins before 5:30 a.m. and typically ends around 8:00 p.m. I wake up early to take my dog to the park. When I return, I rouse my kids and make them pancakes, waffles or cereal. After breakfast is complete I get them dressed and off to school we go. My wife already has their lunches packed and she makes sure our daughter’s hair is just right before we leave the house. (No matter how many times I try, I can never get it right!) After dropping them off at their separate schools, I go to my office.

Once I reach my office, I know exactly what my purpose is and how to attain it. First, you must understand that I believe that everyone should have a quality critical illness and accident plan in place alongside their major medical coverage. This is what drives my day. Every morning, I call the field force first thing to see what I can do to help them with their cross-selling. I handle webinars, training calls and Q & As over email and every other possible form of communication. I am constantly texting someone the value proposition of a high deductible major medical along with quality critical illness and accident insurance.

Is handling over 200 emails a day easy? Do I ever lose my voice speaking to over 100 associates each day? Do I know my webinar content in my sleep because I host these events so often? Do I enjoy spending an overwhelming amount of time at airports and hotels, away from my family? Now we are talking about the pain that I go through in order to achieve my purpose.

Love what you do

Why would someone sacrifice so much of his or her life in the pursuit of their purpose? For me, it isn’t about money. We’re in insurance, so it is also not about glamour, and I am my own boss, so there’s no one I need to impress.

I sacrifice so much to achieve my purpose because of genuine love. I love what I do and I love the products that I market. I am constantly speaking of the importance of critical illness insurance and accident insurance. I talk about it while golfing with strangers, while flying 250,000 miles a year for my speaking engagements, with extended in-laws that barely know my name, with people I meet at sporting events, with my doctors, my lawyers and my kids. I never stop talking about what I do or what I am trying to accomplish.

These ingredients of purpose, pain and love will always equal success for me, and for the agents that I am lucky enough to work alongside. They will help me achieve every goal I have set for myself. I will make sure that everyone is exposed to critical illness and accident coverage. I will endure a lot of pain for those lofty goals, but I have been doing this for over a dozen years and rejection only makes me work harder.

And I will always love what I do. Have you ever seen an insured who suffered a critical illness or an accident receive a claim check? It is remarkable. That person now has the money to pay their bills and can recover without worry. If I can eliminate the pain of financial insecurity for someone every day, then I can only wish for many more days.

J.R. Jordan is vice president of Colorado Bankers. He can be reached at 888-455-7462.

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