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AHIP 2012 Medicare Advantage and Part D Certification Not Supported on Popular Browsers

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If you went on the website and saw this, you are not alone. AHIP’s training cannot be viewed on popular browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and Safari (Apple’s Browser). Even IE 9 which runs on Windows 7 is not able to view the training page. Seeing that 78% of web traffic is viewed on a browser which is NOT IE6-8, it’s hard to believe none of these modern browsers are supported.

Ironically, Microsoft is encouraging website developers to ask their visitors NOT to use IE 6! In fact, they started a website called IE6 Countdown:

This training is expensive and widely used (guessing there are 20,000 users times $150/test is $3.0 million in revenue), so it would be nice to see AHIP spend a small bit of the money they take in from AHIP training to improve their customer’s experience.

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I just had to rant on this. Nuff said!

Craig Ritter is the president of Ritter Insurance Marketing. He can be reached at [email protected] or 800-769-1847, ext. 205. You can visit his blog at