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Government Shutdown Stretches U.S. Credibility

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Dear Congress,

This never happens

Balancing a budget – a task that is done by every responsible family in the country – is no doubt more complex at the federal level. But it is hard to believe the 100 senators and 435 representatives cannot come to an agreement on how to run the country when they spend most of their waking hours concentrating on that specific issue.

I blame both sides of the aisle for this embarrassment. I also support the idea of Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia to stop paying the Congress until a resolution is reached. And that means no back pay.

The result of this deadlock is serious and includes higher rates on Treasury debt; a flight of investment capital to more stable countries; and the cessation of essential government services.

There are no winners in this fight. Have we really lost the ability to govern ourselves?


The American Taxpayer