kicked off its new Webinar series, The Frontiers of Investing on Wednesday. Part one, Using Volatility as an Asset Classis the first of the four-part series. The Webinar featured the results of new research from Prima Capital that that will appear in the spring edition of IMCA’s Journal of Investment Consulting.

Two distinguished panelists discussed the pros and cons of using the VIX volatility index—or ETNs, ETFs or managed futures that mimic the VIX—as a non-correlative asset class: Cliff Stanton (left), chief investment officer of Prima Capital, who oversees all of Prima’s investment research and manager due diligence, covering both traditional and alternative strategies, and  Bill Luby, a private investor and author who writes the VIX and More blog, an investment newsletter and co-founded Expiring Monthly: The Options Traders Journal. His first book,"Trading with the VIX," is scheduled to be published by Wiley & Sons this year.

During the Webinar, Stanton and Luby (right), mentioned several sources readers could tap for more information on securities or strategies based on the VIX Index, and they are listed below.

To download the white paper, please go to Prima Capital.

AQR Funds Has managed futures funds.

Rydex SGI Managed futures funds.

CBOE Investor of the VIX Index

Barclays ETNs ETNs

VelocityShares ETNs

ProShares ETFs

Access the Webinar, here.