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Bull and Bear Treasury Notes Hit the Street

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Barclays Bank has just introduced eight new ETNs that can be used to make different bets on the direction of U.S. Treasury bonds.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the iPath U.S. Treasury exchange traded notes: Most of the notes follow U.S. Treasuries with long-, short- and intermediate-term maturities, while some target excess returns from steepening or flattening U.S. Treasury yield curves.

The new ETNs have annual expenses of 0.75 percent and trade under the following ticker symbols:

–iPath US Treasury Steepener ETN (STPP)

–iPath US Treasury Flattener ETN (FLAT)

–iPath US Treasury 2-year Bull ETN (DTUL)

–iPath US Treasury 2-year Bear ETN (DTUS)

–iPath US Treasury 10-year Bull ETN (DTYL)

–iPath US Treasury 10-year Bear ETN (DTYS)

–iPath US Treasury Long Bond Bull ETN (DLBL)

–iPath US Treasury Long Bond Bear ETN (DLBS)

ETNs are unsecured debt securities linked to the performance of a single security or a group of securities, currencies or commodities.

Like bonds, ETNs carry credit risk tied to the issuing company.