Health care and paid time off are key benefits to keeping boomers happy at work, a recent survey found. Robert Half, a staffing company, surveyed over 1,400 working adults found that all workers ranked these benefits as most important, higher than 401(k) plans or bonuses.

Fifty-four percent of boomers surveyed said they plan to work past retirement age, but only 27 percent say they are saving or investing more after the recession. Forty-five percent haven’t made any changes to their savings plans. By comparison, Gen Y and Gen X workers are doing much better in savings. Thirty-one percent of Gen X workers and 34 percent of Gen Y workers have increased their savings or investing. Just 15 percent of Gen X workers and 20 percent of Gen Y workers have cut savings, compared with 26 percent of boomers.

Boomers don’t expect to change much in their career after the recession, either. Nearly one-third said they would build tenure with their company, but 29 percent said they would make no change at all. Less than one-quarter said they would look for new job opportunities, and 12 percent said they would make a career change. Just 6 percent said they would work fewer hours.