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Intel takes on health care

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Microprocessor giant Intel has set its sites on health care as a field ripe for innovation. For the past decade, the company’s Digital Health Group has examined the lives of seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s disease with an eye toward preventing accidents, detecting illness and otherwise making life easier for this segment of the population.

With their research to guide them, Intel’s health group has developed a slew of new products, such as the Intel Health Guide, a computer which offers customized health information and is ideal for the management of chronic diseases. The aim of the Health Guide is to provide information in a user-friendly manner and thereby avoid trips to the emergency room.

Another device, the Intel Reader, helps seniors live independently. The handheld device snaps a photo of printed text and reads it aloud to the user. The device may help seniors understand their prescription side effects and dosages as well as other health related information.

Yet another initiative being pursued by Intel is Dossia, a digital personal health record that the user can easily transport from doctor to doctor. This helps avoid duplication of testing and treatment and helps prevent contraindication of prescription drugs, which can be life-threatening, especially for seniors, who often take multiple drugs.