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Pax Says Its Sustainable Funds Beat Peers

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Pax World Management Corp., an investment adviser to Pax World Funds (Pax World) and a leader in the field of sustainable investing, recently shared the one-year Lipper Peer Group rankings of the three funds it launched on March 27, 2008.

For the one-year period ended March 31, the Pax World Small Cap Fund and the Pax World International Fund each ranked in the top 11 percentile among 758 small-cap core funds and 282 international large-cap core funds, respectively, according to Lipper. This performance is based on total returns and does not include sales charges. The Pax World Global Green Fund ranked in the top 29 percentile among 70 global small- and mid-cap funds.

During this time period, the Pax funds — like other funds in their categories — experienced negative performance.

“Relative performance amidst a market downturn like this past year’s is small consolation,” says Pax World CEO Joe Keefe. “We are nevertheless very pleased that our three new funds have compared favorably to their peers. Just as importantly, as the market recovers, we strongly believe that sustainable investing, which focuses on the long term, will have much to offer investors …”

The Pax World funds are distributed by ALPS Distributors.