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Alternatives out in the cold?

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Recent scandals have caused a tangible hesitation for custodians holding shares of funds whose underlying securities or investments are not readily translucent. There has been even greater apprehension and scrutiny when foreign investments or promissory notes are involved for the purpose of providing leverage.

So how can National Advisors Trust take on such responsibilities? The difference between National Advisors Trust ( and some of the larger companies, according to CEO Ron Ferguson, lies right there: Larger companies, he says in the firm’s announcement, may not have the opportunity to examine each RIA customer with the same level of fastidiousness that smaller companies do. “They are forced to make sweeping policy changes and do not have the luxury of peeling back the onion to determine if it is bitter or sweet.”

In addition to providing custody services for alternative investments, National Advisors Trust supplies hedge funds and pooled funds accounting and valuation services for 3C1 and 3C7 funds sponsored by their shareholder firms.