Avalon Healthcare Inc. has agreed to let health plan members who join the MDVIP Inc. personal care program apply program fees toward insurance deductibles.

Avalon, Tampa, Fla., sells conventional high-deductible health insurance plans and high-deductible plans that are compatible with health savings accounts.

MDVIP, Boca Raton, Calif., sells “concierge care” through a network of physicians who have agreed to limit themselves to seeing no more than 600 patients.

A normal concierge program includes routine office care as well as preventive care.

The new MDVIP program will include coverage for a complete physical and other forms of preventive care, for an annual fee that could average about $1,500 per year, Avalon estimates.

Avalon has agreed to apply $1,500 in annual MDVIP preventive care program fees toward deductibles for Avalon plan members with deductibles of $3,000 or higher.