Almost 58% of long term care claims submitted to UnumProvident Corp. come from people under age 65, the company says.

That’s true for both group and individual LTC insurance policies, according to a profile of claims activity released by UnumProvident, Chattanooga, Tenn.

The company expects to process about 4,000 LTC insurance claims this year, up from 3,000 in 2005.

The top LTC claim triggers for young claimants were cancer and strokes, with cancer accounting for about 30% of claims and strokes accounting for about 10%. Additional leading causes of claims were neurological disease, dementia and multiple sclerosis.

Here some other study findings:

- The average age of under-65 claimants is 53, and more than 15% are younger than 45.

- More than 66% of under-65 claimants receive care at home, while 17% receive nursing home care.

- A typical claim for policyholders in the under-65 age group lasts a year or more.

UnumProvident says its group LTC insurance policies cover about 550,000 employees and its individuals cover about 200,000.