The Council for Affordable Health Insurance says U.S. residents wish they knew what health care really costs.

CAHI, Alexandria, Va., is basing that conclusion on results of a recent survey of 1,209 adult U.S. consumers.

About 84% of the consumers surveyed said they agreed with the proposition that hospitals, doctors and pharmacies should publish prices for all goods and services, CAHI reports.

Moreover, 51% of the survey participants said they would be very likely to try to shop around for the best price for health care, and 28% said they would be somewhat likely to try to shop around for the best price, CAHI says.

CAHI found that 89% of Hispanic survey participants, 88% of the participants ages 20 to 34, and 84% of the participants with annual incomes between $25,000 and $35,000 were interested in the idea of shopping for health care based on price.