HONG KONG (HedgeWorld.com)–Asian hedge funds overall were positive, and Australian funds outperformed other regional markets in August, according to Bank of Bermuda AsiaHedge index officials.

The Australian Long/Short Index outshone the composite index by gaining1.35% in August with an overall return of 9% for the year. The Bank of Bermuda AsiaHedge Index closed out the month almost flat with a meager gain of 0.05% and a year-to-date performance of 3%.

A slight improvement in markets seems to be under way despite uncertainty over oil prices, officials said in a statement. The traditional equity indexes, such as the Nikkei and the MSCI Pacific Free ex Japan, posted gains of 2% and 3% respectively.

Although Japanese long/short managers posted some of the worst returns in August, they are faring the best for the year to date with gains averaging 10.22%, according to officials. Trailing Australian long/short managers’ year-to-date performance figures, emerging markets managers faired well with 5.06% in gains.

Previously, the AsiaHedge Japan Long/Short Equity index was the worst performing investment strategy, losing 1.56% in July (see ).


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