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Getting A Quick Start on Your PC

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The Windows Quick Launch toolbar is a great timesaver that can make it easier for you to navigate your desktop, but people don’t seem to use it. That’s a mistake. This toolbar will make it easy for you to open applications you use most often with a single click. Here’s how you can use it.

Next to your “Start” button (as long as no applications are open), you should see a gray bar that extends across the edge of your monitor. When you put your mouse cursor over that gray bar and right click, one of the menu choices will be “Toolbars,” and when you select that one of the toolbar choices is Quick Launch. Choose that one to be sure it is checked and you’ll see that a few default icons for Windows applications are already installed in your Quick Launch toolbar. You can now add your favorite applications to the Quick Launch toolbar and they will always appear at the bottom of your screen. To add new applications to your Quick Launch toolbar, place your cursor slightly to the right of the last icon in the toolbar, and choose “open folder.” That will open a new window with all of the icons currently in the toolbar. You can delete any you don’t use now. To add new icons to the toolbar, click “Start” and then “Programs.” Just right-click on the name of the program you want to put in your Quick Launch bar and choose “Copy.” That copies the shortcut and you can then go back to the Quick Launch folder and paste the shortcut. When you paste shortcuts for your favorite applications in Quick Launch, they will appear in your toolbar and you’ll be able to start that application with one click instead of having to hunt for it in the Windows Start Programs menu or looking for an icon on your desktop.