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10 Steps Advisors Should Take to Protect Their Clients’ Portfolios Now

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Although advisors and their clients can’t escape the rapidly rising prices in the produce aisle, gas station or favorite local home improvement store, they can take steps to safeguard portfolios, according to investment experts at Buckingham Strategic Wealth.

During the recent webcast “Perspectives on the Economy & Markets — Planning for 2022 and Beyond,” Jeffrey Levine, the firm’s chief planning officer; Larry Swedroe, its chief research officer; and Kevin Grogan, its managing director of investment strategy, addressed the financial planning implications of ongoing inflation, a potential recession that may have already started, and more.

In the process, they shared actions advisors and investors can take now to protect their financial futures, explained why a recession is unfortunate but not unexpected and explored the Federal Reserve’s response to market volatility.

Take a look at the gallery above to see 10 of the steps they said advisors should take now.